In this small series we will take a look at how Amazon is trying to reinvent the online shopping experience by providing new ways of placing an order and what role voice interfaces play in this endeavour. The positive and negative sides of each approach are illustrated by a short scenario.

Amazon Dash Scanning Device

With the Amazon Dash Scanning Device you can place products in your amazon fresh shopping cart by talking into the microphone of the stick. Alternatively, you can also scan the barcode of a product. In contrast to the Amazon Alexa you need to press a button so the device starts listening. It was the first product in Amazon’s Dash series, which provides new approaches in how to place orders. The device is free for Amazon Fresh users.

Positive scenario

Instead of manually writing a shopping list and afterwards searching for the items, you can take the dash, walk around the house and tell the dash of which products you want to have a refill.

Negative scenario

The dash scanning device is another device you have at home. Unlike your phone you don’t usually have it with you. So you might just never have it handy when something pops up in your mind.

Amazon’s Product Release Video

Your experience?

What do you think of the Amazon Scanning Device? Did you try it already? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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