Julian Bright

We met Julian because he shares his impressive home automation setup on youtube. Check out his youtube channel @JulianBright to see all his videos and tutorials . He also has a company “Griff” where he sells camera accesories and shirts for photographers and tech enthusiasts.

Using the echo

Julian is a power user of the amazon echo. He told us that he uses his echo every day, all day. His room is his lab and Alexa his assistant. He uses voice control for things like controlling the lights and starting his computer.

Julian would love to have a setup like Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. When Julian turned on his computer with his voice for the first time he felt he reached another milestone on this journey.

Just a few years ago when he watched Iron Man 1 the things Tony Stark had at his hands seemed so futuristic and now everyone can use parts of it.

His setup still impresses a lot of people. He enjoys having friends over and showing them what is possible today. Some find it pretty surreal even though the technology has been out for quiet some time now.

Julian explained to us that in his opinion there is still so much potential for voice controlled environments. He expects the Echo to unfold some more of its enormous potential based on Amazon’s and third party skills. He reads on reddit about people that do basically anything they want by hacking their echo. They do crazy things that Julian  never thought were possible.

Not everything is perfect in his setup today. He wishes the echo could report updates to him without being triggered by voice.  In his perfect morning routine the echo would read him his calendar and to-dos for the day just after the alarm goes of.

Hey, and Amazon, one more thing: Why can’t the alarm become a song instead of regular alarm sound?

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Your experience?

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