“I love my so much, I think I need the new for my bedroom!”

  • Lisa O. @lao618 10:59 PM – 3 Mar 2016

This tweet caught our attention and we contacted Lisa to understand what made her such a big fan of the echo.

Lisa was willing to share her experiences with us and you. Read below what skills work for her and why Alexa needs patience when friends come over.

7 Minutes Workout

The 7-Minute Workout skill supports Lisa in her workout routine. Alexa keeps the time, Lisa works out. After each set you have to confirm you are ready for the next one. Let’s see when Alexa will also be able to understand us when we are out of breath. We would love to see the testing scenario at Amazon when they are working on it.

Daily News

Lisa is big fan of the Springfield Falcons. So when Lisa is making her lunch in the morning, Alexa is keeping her up to date not only with the lastest news and weather reports but also with the latest sport updates. Alexa also reminds when the Falcons are playing tomorrow – “It feels a bit like she would be for my team”.

Control Light

Lisa has two WeMo outlets connected to Alexa, which control the light. When Friends are over for the first time this connection often creates excitement. The friends want to try it directly as well. Light on, light off, light on, light off – luckely Alexa is patient.

Alexa’s pickup lines

When Lisa had friends over Alexa’s pick up lines have created quiet some laughters – pretty smooth for a robot.

What’s next?

Lisa is excited that Alexa keeps on learning new skills. She reads the weekly Amazon Newsletter, which keeps her informed about Amazon activities as well as new 3rd party skills which come out.

You want to know how often Lisa uses the echo?

“Alexa is the most talked to person in my apartment”

Your experience?

How do you use your Alexa in your daily life? Please share your experience in the comment.

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