Why voice interfaces?

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All you need to know

Voice interfaces are here and they open many new doors. We are giving you some hints when to consider adding a voice interface and what are signs that will make it difficult to use a voice interface.

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Situations need voice interfaces

There are situations where voice is the only options because it allows you to keep your hands free and get the expected result without any security concerns. And there are situations where voice is just the easiest (and laziest) way to solve a problem.

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Voice is everywhere

Voice interfaces are available in cars, in homes, and soon voice is available as a wearable. We will be able to interact with voice where ever we are.

Time to focus your service on your customer and have pleasant conversation with them.

Choose voice for…

Short conversation with your customer

Image your customer sitting at home and your service XYZ comes to her mind. What is the most natural way to interact in a situation like this? Does she really want to pick up the smartphone or tablet and enter the URL of your service or google for it? The barrier to cross to just say: „Alexa, start XYZ“ is really low. Boom, you have an ongoing conversation with your customer.

Chartverlauf Alexa
Chartverlauf Alexa Boardgame

Choose voice for…

Finding the right information

Voice is very helpful when your customer is looking in a given space for a certain information. You can break down the question to a set of filters that needs to be applied. Have a look at the example for an online shop selling board games. This is much simpler than clicking or touching any form fields.

Do not choose voice for …

Voice is not always the correct choice. If your service fits in one of the following categories a voice interface might be hard to use. But we don’t mind challenges. Lets talk about the possibilities.

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A lot of variables

You need to provide an overview of different variables and values to get your message out.
The problem you are trying to solve is hard to describe via voice. Lets assume you are selling screws. You need your customer to find the correct screw for a special component. That will probably go wrong.

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A lot of data in- or output

To use your service you need the user to upload or input a lot of data or the output of your service is huge amount of data. This are signs that your current use case is not easily used by voice.

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