of all web-browsing will be without a screen.

Based on a study of Gartner more than 30% of all web-browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020.

Voice Interface

When you can have a dialog with machines…

The times in which you could talk to machines only in science-fiction movies like StarTrek are over. The progress in artificial intelligence enables machines to understand and talk in a human-like manner.
The new generation of voice devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home allow a conversation as soon as you are in the same room, thanks to their far-field microphones. They provide an access to all kinds of internet services via voice. Once you have adopted to have access to these services without reaching out to your smartphone, for example, to control the music, it is hard to get back.
Just like at the time the iPhone was introduced, voice creates a new paradigm in how we interact with digital services. How will your company benefit from this new market?
We can help you with that.

Why voice interfaces?

Voice is everywhere

Voice interfaces are available in cars, in homes, and soon voice is available as a wearable. We will be able to interact with voice wherever we are.

Situations need voice interfaces

There are situations where voice is the only option because it allows you to keep your hands free and get the expected result without any security concerns. And there are situations where voice is just the easiest (and laziest) way to solve a problem.

The technology is ready

The advancements in machine learning allow machines to understand you as soon as you are in the same room. Voice as the way to interact with machines is ready for mainstream.

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